Changing trends in FMCG Packaging

The FMCG industry is at the precipice of change. The swift evolution of purchasing habits and the rise of cutting-edge technologies are changing the way we communicate with customers. In recent years, an increasing percentage of people have become more socially conscious about the environment and the types of food they choose to consume. This has led to the generation of two new concepts – organic products and packaging without plastic. The raw materials used for product packaging has assumed great significance and people are taking notice of it.

The holy grail of sustainable packaging would be a complete closed-loop system where zero material is wasted and instead all is recycled or reused post consumption. Any FMCG corporation trying to create sustainable packaging for their products should adopt a holistic approach covering all aspects of the packaging value chain – from raw material to post consumption disposal and treatment. However, an FMCG manufacturer needs to make a decision on the type of packaging material used, not only on its ability to be recycled/reused into the same product or up-scaled into a better product but also on its effectiveness to protect the product it contains. Although a difficult type of initiative to implement, it is critical due to its large impact on achieving a closed loop packaging chain.

Eco-friendly packaging

Eco-friendly packaging for Beissel Eco sewing machine needles

At KICKASS DESIGN, we understand future market trends, essential for FMCG businesses to penetrate new-markets, develop products and acquire a strong foothold over markets. It is evident that only when upcoming market trends are appreciated, can revenue-focused strategies be developed.

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