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SEO ROI: No Guarantees?

In our experience, most people don’t seem to set fair expectations for a search engine optimization (SEO) effort. Invariably the expectation would be something like “We should get the number one ranking for this keyword”. One top ranking isn’t enough. A “goal” should be increasing traffic and – at the end of the day – growing your business (more leads, more sales, and ROI).

Let us get straight to the point. With SEO, there are no guarantees. There is the chance that, for whatever reason, you might never realize a solid ROI from SEO. Some of these reasons might include:

- You hired the wrong people/firm for SEO.
- Your IT team can’t do what’s necessary to fix things that will lead to better rankings/traffic.
- You can’t / won’t create content which will lead to rankings/traffic.
- Expectations were out of whack with reality.
- There’s no search volume for the keywords you’re interested in targeting – no amount of number 1 rankings could ever equal ROI.

We agree with Mark Jackson in his article “Justifying the Value of SEO”, that, even given that you work within the search engine’s guidelines, there truly are no guarantees because we don’t own the search engines. Search engines are a third party we have zero control over!

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